Saturday, August 20, 2011

Saturday Pinspiration

Each week I think I'll link up the things I've found and tried on Pinterest.

(Are you on Pinterest? If not, you should be. If you are, leave your page URL in the comments so I can follow you!)

Most of the things I tried this week were food. (Imagine that!)

Eggplant sticks with marinara. OK, I had to make some revisions to this one. 1, I didn't have any wheat germ, so I subbed italian bread crumbs. 2, leaving them under the broiler for only 7 minutes? Not enough time! The sticks were still raw in the middle, and maybe you are a fan of raw eggplant but noooooooot me. I almost gagged up my dinner. I tossed them back on the pan and cooked them an extra 20 minutes at 350. (My poor hubby, who doesn't have eggplant very often, chowed down on them like they were no big deal. He thought that was what they were supposed to taste like.) I do recommend doing the broiler first, because it helps the outside get nice and crisp, then bake them longer for the inside to get soft.

Three cheese chicken alfredo bake. I halved this recipe and it was a huge hit. My five year old scarfed it down and asked for seconds and thirds.

Angel chicken. Another big winner. It was too mushroom-y for me (I hate mushrooms!), but the two fungi-bores I live with absolutely loved it. And it's all about keeping your people happy, right?

Pepperoni muffin bites. These were delicious and SO easy to whip up!

Pioneer Woman's cajun chicken pasta. I had low expectations, even with it being Pioneer Woman. I mean, she lives in Oklahoma, and I can get cajun chicken pasta from the little restaurant down the street that will knock your socks off. Well, Pioneer Woman knows what she's doing. This was divine. You'd never know it came from an Oklahoma girl. It's Louisiana approved. :)

We made freezable Egg McMuffins. My daughter thinks I'm the most awesome mom in the world now. :)

My daughter is studying Columbus this week, so one of our crafts was making a Christopher Columbus inspired telescope.

We also used this great site to practice her skip counting. Wonderful resources!

And of course, it wouldn't be a pinterest recap without something funny. This one made me (literally) laugh out loud.

So that's all for now. What about you? Pinned anything awesome lately? Tried anything that was PINspired?

Happy Saturday!

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