Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas Complete-the-Sentence

I'm linking up with Critty today for her Christmas complete-the-sentence link up!


My favorite part of December is.... my husband gets 10 days off for Christmas every year!

The Christmas song I can listen to over and over is.... What Child Is This by Kevin Max

My favorite Christmas gift when I was a child was.... This gigantic keyboard. I saw it at a Montgomery Ward (remember those?) and the price tag was like $200 (it may have been more or less; I just remember it was an astronomical amount to my 11 year old brain). I almost cried in the aisle because I knew that was WAY too much money to ask my parents to spend on a gift. I must have stood there half an hour and stared at it while my mom shopped. On Christmas morning the last package I opened was a big one, and inside was that keyboard. I burst into tears of gratitude. I will never forget that gift, because my parents made possible what I thought was impossible.

If traveling anywhere in the world were an option I would spend Christmas.... Hmm... France? Maybe Greece?

Christmas movies are.... Meh. (I know! I'm such a Scrooge!) I only really like the funny ones.

My must have Christmas treats include... French Vanilla hot chocolate!

Decorating for the season looks like.... This year? Nothing but our advent calendar. But usually a tree and some knick-knacks.

When it comes to Christmas gifts I prefer to... give one meaningful gift rather than multiple "stuff" gifts.

The Christmas season makes me feel.... SO EXCITED!!! We get to visit my best friend from college (whom I haven't seen since my almost 6 year old baby was only 6 months old!) and then spend a glorious week+ in the Tennessee mountains with my parents & grandparents! Hot tub on the chalet porch in 40 degree weather? Check and check and check.

To me Christmas means.... Immanuel. God in His grace coming to us, because we are completely unable to reach Him.

And for fun... add your own sentence! Anything you want to share about Christmas! I have absolutely loved creating and designing Christmas cards this year, and I can't wait to release new designs for 2012 (yep, I'm already thinking about it!)!


Anonymous said...

Fabulous answers my friend.

Yay for your husband having 10 days off....and you getting to see your best friend....and a trip to Tennessee! I just know you are going to have a wonderful time!

I didn't get to do Christmas cards this year (life got crazy!) but I hope to order some next year from CP of course. Your designs are beautiful.

Penny said...

Have a blast in Tennessee! I know you're going to have such a fun time!!! =D