Tuesday, September 13, 2011

New stuff (and another freebie!)

This week is cray-zay busy around here. Actually the next two weeks are cray-zay busy. I was FB'ing a friend of mine explaining why SC (my daughter) & I would not be joining them at Cool Zoo, and I realized it's because we have something on the calendar every. single. day. until the Friday two and a half weeks from now (as in September 30th!). Pass me the paper bag, I need to hyperventilate for a while.


I realize my calendar probably looks like a wide open field compared to some of your calendars out there. But I'm in a new world with this homeschooling deal. We get invited to activities and school functions and yet I still have to remember that I need to block out minimum 2-3 hours a day for her school work. Any less than that and she doesn't do as well (I know this from experience; I wasn't as stringent on vacation as I usually am and I can tell a difference in how much she has retained of the things we studied that week versus every other week). So it does make me lose my mind just a little bit to have some commitment every single day. But we can manage. :)

In my downtime (translation: work I'm doing at 2AM while the rest of the house is asleep), I've made some new things for my etsy store. One is a custom invitation I made for a friend from college. An elegant garden tea party birthday party for her daughter. (I'm also trying not to freak out over all of us who were in college together yesterday already have soon-to-be six year olds!) I can't wait to see any pictures she posts of the party, because I think it's going to be gorgeous!


I've also been working on more graphics. My focus this time was on frames. Circle frames, scallop frames, dot frames, heart frames. I just kept making frames as more and more ideas popped into my head. And then I did, what else? Added glitter. Everything is better with glitter, am I right? :)


This is the silver & gold set, but there are 10 other color sets to choose from in the shop. These sell for $6 each (for 12 frames) and are for both personal & commercial use. I will be releasing some non-glitter colored frames in the future.

My next graphic project is papers. My goal is to eventually have a full set of frames, papers, ribbons, etc. for customers to pick & choose what they would like in their digi-scrapbook kits.

I also have more Christmas cards and some new baby announcements to upload, so be looking for those in the coming weeks!

And finally, a frame freebie. While I myself am not a huge Halloween person, I know many of you are looking forward to it. So I made you some Halloween-colored frames to use in your projects.


These frames are free for personal & commercial use. Please make sure to note my freebie fine print and terms of use.

I think that's all for today! Hope everyone has a wonderful week! See you Friday for another freebie!

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Anonymous said...

Is that an Erin Condren life planner? Cause I totally used a gift certificate last week to get one and the nerd in me cannot wait to get it!

Also...one day if you want to do frames and stuff like your logo (the fun curves and stuff) just know I will be first in line to buy them ;) I adore them and have such fun using them for blog stuff. I am really liking the frames you just added to your shop.

That invite is so cute!!

Jodie | Velour said...

i thought for sure you'd say something about your new planner and how it's saving your ever-lovin' life or something like that! :) it's sure pretty. :)

i'm doing a small breathing exercise for you now b/c looking at that and thinking about it is making ME hyperventilate a little for you. i'm feeling short of breath. i mean, you're making memories and all of that good stuff and definitely sucking the marrow out of life, but i know the hassle that goes along with that, so i breathe. for you. :)

i do wish we lived closer though, so we could do some of that together. how are you enjoying cc now that you're a few weeks in? still loving it? we just started this week; so far so good. :)