Thursday, September 15, 2011

In-My-Dreams Gift Guide

***Edited to add: Yeah, so all of Danielle's gifts are $25 and under. The gifts listed below are not. Oops.

Today I am linking up with Danielle @ Breakfast at Toast (formerly of The Design Girl) for her birthday week celebration! She asked her readers who were interested to link up a gift idea post. So I made some gift lists. Of course, some of the items on these lists fall into the If-money-were-no-option-and-there-weren't-starving-children-in-Africa category, but it's always fun to dream!

2. Missoni for Target trench in rose wine. {not sure because it's sold out!}
3. Missoni for Target shoulder bag. {not sure because it's sold out!}

Here's why I heart everything on this list. The umbrella? I love clear umbrellas, and the bright dots make me super happy. I know everyone and their mama has blogged about Missoni by now, but I had to include these on the list. The Vera Bradleys? I will admit, at first I was totally skeptical of VB bags. I figured they would fall apart after a couple of weeks' use. But after owning seven different bags over the past several years, I'm a believer. These things are amazing. I'd love some big bags for traveling. I think the "I Heart Louisiana" is pretty self-explanatory. :) I'm a sucker for a beautiful monogram. And I've ordered from the Rusted Chain before and her work is outstanding. Can't wait to get another piece from her!


1. 27" iMac. {$1,699.00}
2. iPad 2. {$499.00}
3. PS3. {$249.00}
4. LSU season football tickets. {not sure of the price, but definitely in the $1,000's}

Why are men so hard to buy for? Why does everything they like cost several hundred, even thousands of dollars? These are the questions that play through my head. So if I had unlimited money and wanted to spoil my husband rotten, this is the list. He's actually already got a 27" at his office, but one at home would be nice. I did leave off a few things, like a new LED TV or a new Nikon with beaucoup lenses. But I don't know a whole lot about TVs or cameras, so let's just pretend this list includes his preferred television & whatever lenses he doesn't own yet. :)

3. Fancy Nancy doll. {$31.86}
5. Tangled DS Game. {$19.54}
7. Pink Nintendo DSi. {$149.00}

My daughter is obsessed with Fancy Nancy. Obsessed. Since the first time she ever read the original book, she's been asking for a "fancy" room, even going as far as wanting me to tie broomsticks to the end of her bed to make a canopy - just like Nancy does. I've been scouring Pinterest for ways to make a fancy room on a budget (because an $1100 Pottery Barn bed is waaay out of our price range). I have a feeling Christmas this year is going to be very posh (that's fancy for fancy!).

6. Ballard Quatrefoil Border Rug. {$19.00-199.00}
8. Ballard Fleur de Lis towels. {$16.00-32.00}

I'm on a mission to acquire some really nice fleur de lis items for my home, which became the basis for this gift list. I think these would do the trick for anyone wanting a touch a French in their home (the rug and the bowls are just lagniappe). :) Oh, who am I kidding. I'd take the entire Anthro Fleur de Lys line. The teapot is darling, and I don't even drink hot tea!


These are some nifty little things I've tried out (Mr. Coffee - I will own you one day!); things I find absurd but awesome (Angry Birds game); things I think are amazing and can't wait to get them myself one day (Project Life); and every fun list needs something to munch on. :)

I won't embarrass myself and reveal how many of the things on this list our family actually owns. OK, I'll reveal one. The blanket. That is the most awesome blanket ever made. My husband and I, who for over eight years of marriage hardly ever fought, all of the sudden started fighting like toddlers over sharing that thing when my parents gave it to us for Christmas last year. It's such a good blanket. Even good enough for the consequential sessions in marriage counseling. (Oh, I kid. About the marriage counseling. But not about the blanket.)

That's all for my gifts post! I hope you've enjoyed window shopping through NOLA-tinted glasses. Have a great weekend, everyone! (And happy birthday, Danielle! I hope you have a wonderful birthday weekend!)


jillian :: cornflake dreams. said...

so many great ideas!! im bookmarking this for the holidays :) xoxo jillian:: enter to win a knit cowl!

Jodie | Velour said...

that must've been so much fun to put together! i'm all impressed b/c i have no idea how you did your fancy numbered collages. if this were on my blog it would be as long as two legs, laid end to end. how'd you do that? teach me your ways. :)

everybody is so gaga over the missoni stuff... i love chevrons, but i don't get it. the stuff i've seen hasn't stoked my love furnace, but that trench coat, that's purty! :) too bad she's sold out.

i agree about vb. i have one little makeup bag and it takes a beating... but you can't tell. it doesn't show any wear. how does she do it? :)

also, YES about the boy gifts. good grief! they don't ask for much (unlike me) but the few things they ask for are astronomical! cool, but astronomical. :)
can you imagine the look on your man's face if you wanted a $1000 pair of loboutin's? 'course they're not as "practical" as a 27" imac. :)

Jen said...

So many great gifts! I love the monogrammed necklace -- such a classic piece! Loved stopping by to see your guide!

Alexa said...

Such a great list of ideas. I am in love with that coat in your first board!

mkbruin said...

OMGoodness, your gifts ideas are fabulous (I love the little girl gifts especially). My mom has the same issue finding gifts for my Dad. He is all about UCLA football/basketball and the Chargers. We try and get him the gear that the coaches are wearing on the sideline (I don't know if LSU has that on their website but UCLA always identifies those pieces). He also has a Bruin watch, cufflinks, ties, golf accessories etc. Another gift idea I love for a man is a framed picture of his favorite sports team/stadium during a very memorable event. And fancy shaving stuff from The Art of Shaving.

Drew {Coral Cafe} said...

These are all such great gift guides!! I Love that magenta coat!

Penny said...

Fun!! Love all of this!