Monday, October 10, 2011

31 Days in the Word: Playing Catch-Up

Well. I've been a little busy. Between a horrible allergy attack, beaucoup school stuff for my daughter, and orders coming in like mad (thank you to my awesome customers!), I have fallen way behind on my 31 Days. So today I'm making up for lost time. I have four Scripture cards for download (Friday, Saturday, Sunday, today) plus a fun fall freebie at the bottom of the post. Because I love ya. And because I'm super happy about the orders that have been coming in this week. And because it's still 85 degrees here and sparkly glitter leaves put me in an autumn-ish mood.

See you tomorrow with a new card! :)


Anonymous said...

So many good verses all at once!!! And those leaves are fabulous. We have been in the 70's here during the day but at night...oh how it reminds me autumn is here! I hope autumn shows up on your doorstep...soon!

Anonymous said...

J'adore!! I'm currently memorizing Isaiah 51:12 . . . care to make a card? :)

And can you believe we have already had snow?!? This last weekend!